Monday, May 6, 2013

Cardboard Cosplay UPDATE!

Cardboard Cosplay Update!!

Alrighty, so it's been a little bit since the progress of Cosplay Mitey, but we're almost to the finished stages of the costume!!
The finished Mitey head!  After a great deal of trying to find the right shape head for a paper mache model, I finally stumbled upon an Angry Birds birthday balloon that was about the right size.  Next, three layers of paper mache over four days was administered, and the structure was enhanced with drywall tape.  Inside, there is a cardboard "hard hat-like" support to keep the head from being too loose to wear.  Horns, mouth, and hair are made from cardboard with cross-stitch eyes to enable visibility.  Then the entire head was painted and sealed with several layers.

Sword and shield are finally finished!  Both were constructed in entirely in class with cardboard and hot glue with multiple layers of cardboard for support and edging for a smoother finish.  After painting them, I sealed them with several layers of ModgePodge to make them sturdy.

Cape and short overalls are being sewn by hand by me!  A basic pants pattern made for a good shorts basis while the cape is kept simple to mimic the simplicity of Mitey's cape!

I didn't see this coming at all ... but the feet have been the most challenging portion of this project.  I have made about four pairs of feet, each having different problems that make walking difficult.  The pointed toes often cause tripping when walking fast and making ankle braces makes the entire foot stick out at an angle.  I have been working on a smaller, simpler model using elastic straps that I hope will get the look of little chicken feet while still being functional.

All in all, steady progress these past few weeks - the paper mache head and feet consuming the majority of the time outside of class work.  Finding the appropriate head size was a nightmare, but eventually worked out great!  I hope this project shows off all my hard work and is a success!

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